21 avr. 2015

[COVER REVEAL] Dangerous Lies de Becca Fitzpatrick

TADAM ! La couverture du prochain roman de la grande Becca Fitzpatrick est làà !


17-year-old Stella Gordon lives with her mother in a lovely country manor near Philadelphia’s ‘old money’ Main Line. But one fateful night, Stella’s life is shattered by a single gunshot. Stella witnesses a crime, forcing her into the U.S. Federal Witness Protection Program to testify against the perpetrator—a crime boss named Danny Bolando.

Stella is whisked away to the sleepy town of Thunder Basin, Nebraska, and forced to start life over as someone else. She soon meets Chet Falconer, her boyishly handsome ranch hand neighbor, who swears he’s going to have her wearing cowgirl boots and riding horses before the summer’s over. While Chet’s flirting is a welcome distraction from her miserable plight, Stella is most certainly not into cowboys, and she lets him know it. But deep down, and against her better judgment, Stella can’t help but feel she’s falling under Chet’s spell.

Unfortunately, she also has to deal with Dusty Falconer, Chet’s hotheaded and rule-breaking younger brother whom Stella feels an unwanted but irresistible attraction to. As the hot Nebraskan summer wears on, Stella tries to settle into her new life.

But when she receives a threatening message on her doorstep, she fears she might never outrun her past. Is it possible she’s not as safe in small town Nebraska as the authorities would have her believe?

Dangerous Lies, un thriller young adult, devrait sortir en automne prochain (Octobre ou Novembre 2015) chez Simon and Schuster. Et j'attends ça avec impatience ;)

9 commentaires:

  1. This is a love triangle? Really? Oh shit LOL

  2. Hihi, je pense que ça peut donner quelque chose de bien sympa. :)
    Hâte de lire ça.

    Je crains le triangle amoureux ou un truc qui y ressemble... on verra bien.

    Bises. :)

  3. ... Pchhh pour UNE FOIS que je lis le résumé... Comment ça me fait pas enviiiie!

    1. Voyons le bon côté des choses : économie de temps, d'énergie et d'argent ;D

  4. Bonjour vous savez si il aura une sortie française ? :D
    Car j'adore cette auteure mais j'ai du mal avec l'anglais xD

    1. Je n'en ai pas entendu parler pour l'instant, mais ce sera sûrement fait chez MsK, comme pour ses romans précédents :)


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